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Special Generation is an American new jack swing / urban R&B quintet. The group members are Marquet "Quet" Robinson, Kendrick "K-Dub" Washington, Fernando "Chip" Carter, Charles "OG" Salter and Maurice "Mo Money" Dowdell.


The group sang background vocals on several of MC Hammer's songs, including "U Can't Touch This", "Help the Children" and "Have You Seen Her".

Special Generation
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Maquet Robinson 


Fernando “Chip” Carter

Kendrick Washington

 Charles Salter

Maurice Dowdell


Has your opinion regarding the music business changed and/or evolved since your entry into it?

Yes, the music business has really changed since we entered it.  Since it is getting harder and harder to make money selling albums alone, record labels are forcing artists to either go the independent route or agree to a so-called 360 deal.  Under 360 deals, also called "multiple rights deals," record labels get a percentage of things that were previously off-limits to them, like concert revenue, merchandise sales, endorsements, and ringtones. The label now functions as a pseudo-manager.  They get bigger percentages from the artists they represent because they promote the artist for longer periods.  And, to add to insult, the label rarely does what's necessary to actively develop new opportunities for smaller artists. --- Because of this, our group decided to take matters into our own hands.  We do things our way which is the way we understand.

Audio Title : Special Generation 

Audio DescriptionUnlock the knowledge of music entrepreneurs such as Kendrick "K-Dub" Washington, Charles "OG" Salter, Fernando "Chip" Carter, Marquet "Quet" Robinson and Maurice "Mo Money" Dowdelland

Audio Hosted By : Valerie Denise Jones and Phelo the Great

Date : Tuesday, 23 July 2019 
Time :  4:00 pm Eastern Time 

Special Generation Snippet
I Can't Help Myself

Kendrick Washington Fernando Allen  and Maquet  Robinson  ( ... of Special Generation) 

I Can't Help Myself / Contemporary R&B Music

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