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Wut' Uh' Life
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About  |   Young Bleed   |  The Artist

Glenn Clifton Jr., better known as Young Bleed is an American hip-hop artist based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  His chart-topping release was My Balls & My Word.  In 1997, Thug Drama (C-Loc of Camplife Entertainment formally C-Loc records) introduced Young Bleed to Master P.  Since then, Young Bleed has been a mainstay of the Southern hip hop underground, narrating his vision of life in the urban South.

Audiobook Event, Starring Young Bleed

Hosts : Valerie Denise Jones and Phelo The Great

Audiobook : Unlock the knowledge of the music entrepreneur, Young Bleed

New Album "Wut Uh' Life" by Trap Door Entertainment - Now Available

Some authors and publishers believe that by the simple act of making an audiobook available for purchase, there will be numerous purchases. Yet, as with all types of books, theirs is merely one of many thousands published each year.  Authors and publishers must make their fans aware that their product exists.   Below are ways BIG Media/ BOSS Radio Live assisted Young Bleed with his On-Air Audiobook Event.

1 - Digital Footprint

  • Promoted a link and QR code for the on-air audiobook event via newsletters, websites, social media, postcards, and bookmarks.

2 - Publicized the on-air event

  • We shared different audio clips from the audiobook on our radio and social media channels. 

  • Outside of fans and industry professionals, was our best option for audiobook sampling, codes, downloads and live promotions.  We encouraged people to listen ( try before they buy).

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