At Power Team Entertainment we’re on a mission to equip artists with the best and most authoritative resources, tools, and information available anywhere.  Contact us to get a custom PR campaign for your next single.

Standard PR package includes:

  • Pitching your music to journalists, online music magazines and print publications

  • Playlist pitching

  • Outreach to bloggers and tastemakers

Power Team Entertainment is open to all genres of music but is particularly inclined to work with indie artists and conscious hip-hop artists.


BOSS Radio Live (BRL) publishes articles, social posts, podcasts, and tips that can help advance your paid  and free membership. 

With over 1 million ​downloads​ and climbing, ​BRL is a leading ​radio platform that syncs ​its​​ fans​ with fun ​guests ​and ​informative content.


The​ BRL Fan​ Experience​  ​

Focus genres include dance, EDM, indie, hip-hop/rap, DJ, R&B/soul, pop, alternative, and rock.


Contact us for additional details.  ++


​Fans ​are the lifeblood of our ​brand, platforms and ​business​. Building ​strong ​relationships with ​fans​ fosters loyalty. ​Loyalty is our top priority.​

COMING SOON - The BRL Fan Page  

On the BRL Fan Page, you will find pictures, videos and news about BRL. Until we launch, please leave your comments, or any memories you may have of BRL in our contact link in the above menu. Thanks for your love and support.  We hope you'll keep checking back as we are continually adding new content to our site.